Our most interesting projects

MSF Monitoring Tool

Data Monitoring Platform

A web platform with automated external sources integrations that generates hundreds of interactive graphic charts.

The administration area allows data relations management and calculations parameters configuration. 

MSF Career Platform

Data administration and visualization environment

We have imported and normalized career paths data from the Doctors withour Borders NGO and displayed them with graphs, tables and PDF, XLS, ZIP and DOCX exports.

The administration panel allows data and their complex relations management with a simple interface.


B2B Ecommerce

The multilingual Stones B2B e-commerce handles all the company logics: from catalogs to custom discounts for each agent to the new distributor acceptance workflow.

My Fashion Hit

A complex e-commerce application based on Spree Commerce

Lots of features and integrations was developed on top of Spree Commerce to meet the very specific requirements of this multilingual and multilist Luxury Shop.

Kratos API


A Ruby on Rails application connnected with a Microsoft SQL Server database which exposes a robust web interface, used by the client's mobile and desktop applications.